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You deserve a laugh or two. These books will give you more than that.

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Scyweb Bem: Summer 2007: Manhattan Monsters

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Most of my characters share a common trait:

namely, Tunnel Vision, the ability to selectively view events through a set of personal filters that eliminate everything except what effects the wearer of the filters. Everyone — no exceptions —is afflicted with tunnel vision to a certain extent.

Another way to describe Tunnel Vision is told by Robert Low in his book, The Whale Road: Most men think in a straight line. They only see their own actions. They see through one set of eyes and hear through one set of ears, all their life. To look at things through someone else's eyes is a rare thing, which cannot be learned. But . . . to be more than others, it is essential.

This tunnel vision leads my fantasy and science fiction characters to explore a number of story themes including greed, lust, the search for love and attempts to save the day/world.  I am constantly amazed that these human characteristics are also found in dwarfs, elves and aliens. This leads me to believe that these characteristics are universal traits



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