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Tales of the Unanticipated: Number 29: Autumn/Winter 2008

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Science Fiction Stories


The following is a list of humorous Science Fiction stories that have been published or sold but not yet published.

Many of them have links to the publication where you can read it or download it  


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* Uncle Sidney's Tailor Shop, published by Afterburn SF in August 2010

* GS Midden, a short story spoof of Star Trek ; published by Afterburn SF in Feb 2010

* Fool's Gold, a short novel, is out from eTreasures. This is a SF re-telling of the fantasy story used in the Ring Cycle of operas by the composer Richard Wagner. Get more information here.

* Fast Living published by Flash Fiction Online. Read it here.

* Sponsored By ... by Darker Matter. This is a military satire. The protoganist, Captain Dave Stiller, is disgusted with the Pentagon's strategy to supplement its budget. Read it here. An audio version will be avaialble from SFZine in the near future.

* Zaftig The Magnificent published by Afterburner SF. This is a sequel to The Impresario. Once again, the egomaniacal alien Zaftig returns to Earth to implement his nefarious plans. You can read it here.

* Staphmeyer's Mantra published by The Best of Neo-Opsis anthology.  An intern in a Manhattan hospital achieves the fame he sought by being the first doctor to examine an alien.  But his fame isn't what he thought it would be.

* Maple Syrup Politics: Published by Scyweb Bem July, 2006: on an audio CD. The President has started his re-election campaign, but Dan Weber, the Vice-President, isn't sure he'll be on the ticket in November.

* The Impresario: Published on the internet on May 31, 2006 by Electric Spec.    Read it here. Sid Glower and his irrepressible assistant, Rhonda Minestra, fight a vicious alien to protect a futuristic musician.

* Primary Research: Published Oct 2003 by Andromedia Spaceways In Flight magazine: issue 8. Sid Glower, life-style consultant has problems with feathered aliens


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