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January: Check out this terrific book deal! Signed copies of Tales From Gundarland and Zaftan Entrepreneurs for only $30!

January: Writing World bought an article on fiction writing: How to write really bad fiction and enjoy the benfits of rapid rejection

January: The home page now has a reservation widget for two author chats: 1/29/11 at 2:00PM and 1/30/11 at 5:00PM. Both times are EST.

January: Zaftan Entrepreneurs is now available!

January: The home page and the main Zaftan Entrepreneurs page now have bookbuzzr widgets. Check it out. You can read Part 1 of the novel.

January: I added a page for Zaftan Entrepreneurs reviews. So far, it has received three five-star ratings

December: The Book Store page now has a series of discounted book packages

December: Another rave review for Tales From Gundarland

November: I added a page for my new novel, Zaftan Entrepreneurs. It will become available in January, 2011

November: I have a new interview available.

October: Whoa! Tales From Gundarland is a finalist in the 2011 EPIC contest. Final results will be announced in mid-March.

October: Another great review for Tales From Gundarland -- a cult phenomenon? I can live with that.

October: I'm now a participant in the wonderful Operation E-Book Drop. It lets the military download my ebooks without charge.

September: The Tales From Gundarland cover has been updated to show the award medal and the book received another five-star review

September: Humorous Yarns and Other Stuff, my latest collection, is available and it's FREE!



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