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The following is a list of humorous Fantasy short stories that have been published or sold but not yet published.

Many of them have links to the publication where you can read it or download it  

Writing Word cover

Written Word ezine: December 2008: Saving the Shore

* Deathless in Manhattan has been published in the Fantastical Visions IV anthology

*Act VI of MacBeth, a short short story has been published by Bards & Sages .

* Boggerts Blue wll be published by Arkham Tales. Burga, a warrior-cook, saves a tribe of boggerts from an evil count and rescues a princess along the way.

* Saving the Shore has been published by Written Word. This one is a spoof of Lord of the Rings and tales place a few generations after the Ring has been destroyed. Read it here.

* Manhattan Monsters published by Scyweb Bem. Ida, an undead chic, and her softball team are threatened by a fanatical Attorney General.

* MacBeth: The Sequel published by Chimaera Serials: The Wyrd sisters go on a quest to save their pet monster, Nessie. Along the way, they hope to lose their virginity. Rated R. read it here.

* Lucy in Love published by Glassfire Magazine, January 10, 2007. Lucy Borgia and her father, Pope Alexander VI, come back to earth on a mission for Satan. Read it here.

* The Rainbow Bridge published, January2007 by Electric Spec. A modern day mortal inadvertently summons Loki and the trickster god moves in with the hapless mortal.

* Desperate Measures: Published  June 6, 2006 by Jupiter World Press. The wizard Brodwin again. This time he is trying to defend a city and woo the female mayor. If you like (or hate!) Harry Potter, you'll enjoy this spoof of magic and wizards. 

* Hell of a Salesman: Published January 2006 by Neo-Opsis magazine, issue 8: A salesman devises a plan to escape from sellers' Hell.  Check out the magazine here

* Recipe for Revenge: Published January 2006 in  Goremet Cuisine anthology. Burga the Warrior-Cook struggles to get revenge on a Wizard- Food-Critic.

* Mead Cup: Published September, 2005 in Travel a Time Historic anthology: The Knights-of-the-Round Table soccer team are tested by a team of invading Saxon barbarians. This story is also in issue 29 of Tales of the Unanticipated.

* Ballot Blues (and Reds): Published in July 2005 by Irish Fantasy Quarterly (now defunct). A Knight-Accountant investigates possible voter fraud.

* Rogue Wizard: Published October 2004 by Cyberpulp magazine issue 2.  Translated into French and re-published by the Faeries magazine issue 21: April 2006.  The wizard Brodwin has trouble following the orders of his hated superior.

* North Pole Enterprises: Published Dec 1999 by Fantasy, Folklore & Fairytales ezine: A corporate takeover of Santa's operation


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