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TV Commercials

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Yesterday, my wife put on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in Manhattan.  It was on CBS.  As I worked in the kitchen, I couldn’t see the TV, but I could hear it.  After a few minutes of showing the parade floats, there would be a break for commercials. These breaks seem to take place about every seven minutes.  Even when the TV showed the parade, the announcers continually hawked products or CBS shows.  We turned off the TV in disgust.

No wonder TV in general is losing viewers.  When will the TV executives realize there is a limit to how many commercials folks will watch?  When will the advertisers realize their ads don’t register in the viewers minds?  Fortunately, there is the DVR technology.  We record shows and watch them later.  It is actually fun to blow past the commercials.

Anyone have comments on this issue?

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Watching NFL Football

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Now that the NFL is about to start a new season, I’ll explain how I have learned to watch the NY Giants games.  I’ve used this system for a number of years, originally with a TIVO machine and now with a FIOS DVR.  If the game starts at 1:00. I set the recorder to start at that time, but I don’t start watching it until 2:30 or 3:00.  While I watch the beginning of the game, the recorder continues to record.   While I watch the game, I speed past commercials and the interminable challenge time-outs.  Thus, all I watch is football.  It takes me less than half-a-minute to blow past the half-time show.  Sometime in the fourth quarter (in real game time, not the DVR game time) I catch up to the live broadcast and have to watch ads for the last few minutes of the game.

Alas, I so prefer this arrangement that I have spoiled myself and I find it very hard to watch an unrecorded football game.  Its such a huge waste of time to get exposed to all the ads.  Personally, I rather read a book than get subjected to the NFL’s ads.