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Summer Sale!

Thursday, July 15th, 2010
Fool’s Gold and Tunnel Vision are now on sale at the eTreasures website.  The prices are much better than on any other website.  This is a great
Fool's Gold Cover
Fool’s Gold Cover
opportunity to pick up two great books to read this summer.  Hot weather and laughter just seem to go together somehow.  Take advantage of this deal.  You don’t know how long the sale will last.


Fool’s Gold Sample

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Background: Civilization on Earth, devastated by wars, diseases and pollution, has been thrown back into the Dark Ages.  Alberich, a scrawny alien exiled from his home in the Niebelung System, found the Rhinegold, a magical horde, and, being a computer genius, created the Chip and the Helm.  These artifacts have immense powers.  Fafner, a huge, squid-like alien from Zaftan 31B, stole the artifacts.  For years, Alberich has plotted revenge and the  recovery of the artifacts.  Now he is about to attempt it.

Alberich panted from the exertion of hauling the remote


device and a portable fusion power pack up a hill near

Fafner’s home.  He collapsed on the ground to catch his

breath.  After resting for a few minutes, he peeked over the

crest.  From his vantage point he could see Fafner sunning

himself on the steps of his home.  He grinned.  Fafner

made a perfect target.

Fafner’s house seemed to be some sort of small public

building made of whitewashed brick.  Alberich puzzled over

why the mortals brought food and drink and placed it

outside Fafner’s home.

After an hour of waiting, Fafner reached into a leather

sack and took out the Helm.

Alberich sucked in air.  This was what he had waited for.

Fafner wiped the back of his head and plopped the

Helm on it.

Alberich’s hands shook so much from excitement that

he had trouble plugging the remote into the power pack.

After a few attempts, he made the connection, turned it on

and waited impatiently for the remote to warm up.  Finally,

the status light turned green.  He aimed the remote at

Fafner’s doorway and punched the firing button.  The

remote buzzed and vibrated.  Alberich kept it pointed at


For a moment, nothing happened.  Then Fafner

stiffened.  His eye stalks flopped around in various

directions.  His eyeballs rotated wildly; left, right, up, down.

A moaning sound came from Fafner’s beak.  His tentacles


Alberich pushed the intensity slider up a notch.  He

laughed out loud as Fafner responded to the power

change.  Revenge was as great as it was reported to be.

Sparks flew around Fafner’s head.  His twitching

became convulsive.  His eyeballs gyrated at higher speed.

Smoke leaked out from under the Helm.

Alberich responded to the joyful scene by pushing the

slider to full intensity.

Fafner’s slime around the Helm burst into flame.

The remote exploded, stunning Alberich.

Fafner finally moved.  He leaped up and quick-slithered

towards the bank of the Rhine River trailed by a cloud of

blue-green smoke.

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Jan Clark’s review of Fool’s Gold

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Would Wagner have died laughing?

Who but that master of satire, Hank Quense, would even think of turning Wagner’s Ring opera into a comical space opera? Well, actually it all takes place on our planet, but some of the main characters are aliens.

The dragon, Fafner, is replaced by a slimy, squid-like master criminal, a native of Zaftan 31B, marooned on Earth. The two dwarves, Alberich and Mime, are also aliens, exiled to this planet. Alberich, a technical genius, has appropriated the Rhinegold to produce some magical devices.

Without the Rhinegold, Wotan and the other gods are losing their immortality. Naturally they want it back. Everyone’s after the gold, including the humans and all the power-hungry aliens. Wotan’s complicated schemes to reclaim the gold are stymied by his interfering wife. It’s a continuous comedy of errors as each faction seeks power and all are working at cross-purposes. Through it all, Brunnhilde keeps up her personal quest for true love.

What delicious fun!

Jan Clark: author of The Hall of Door series of YA novels