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A Character Guild!

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

I have to report a startling development.  My characters have banded together to form a guild. Their purpose is to provide leverage in negotiations with me.  They want to be able to influence my plots so that events better reflect their personae.  They also claim that some of the motivation I give them is defective and they want the ability to reject them.

The characters presented me with a signed copy of the guild charter (they refer to it as the Magna Carta of Characters, a rather pompous description, if you ask me).

The elected officers are:

President: Brodwin, a wizard (Rogue Wizard, Desperate Measures)

Recording Secretary: Rhonda Minestra, a personal assistant (Primary Research, The Impresario, Zaftig the Magnificent)

Treasurer: Vatsik, a knight-accountant (Practical Experience, Ballot Blues)

Sergeant-at-Arms: Zaftig, an alien (The Impresario, Zaftig the Magnificent)

Among their demands:

* a signed contract with each individual guild member before I write them into a new story.

* newly developed characters must join the guild before I start the third revision of a story or they must be replaced by a guild member.

* characters have the right to delete scenes, dialog and/or plot developments that they feel are disparaging to them.

I refused to sign the charter until substantial changes were made; they refused to change it and threatened to strike.  I retaliated with a pledge to rewrite them out of unpublished stories and a promise to use non-guild characters in all future works

So that’s how things stand now.  I’ll add updates as the situation changes.

Future Posts

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Starting later this week, a lot of my posts will be about and by a few of my favorite characters.  These posts will include interviews with these characters while  other posts will be guest-written by them.  Since many of my characters are pretty weird, I expect their posts will display some degree of weirdness also.

Scheduled to appear are, in no particular order: Burga a warrior-cook, Drakin an old-fashioned dwarfen hero, Vatsik a knight-accountant.

Negotiations are ongoing with Ida, an undead living in Manhattan and the Wyrd Sisters.

If anyone has thoughts (good, bad or downright evil) about this idea, I’d love to hear them.