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RNC defends “Status Quo” votes

Monday, November 1st, 2010

(Faux News Network)

This exclusive report was filed by our political reporter, Stacy Conundrum

A spokesperson for the RNC in a telephone interview defended the Republican Party Congressional position of opposing all Democratic actions.  “Look, we’re the loyal opposition.  It’s our job to say ‘No’ to the other party.  Besides, our position is to defend at all cost the status quo.  In our point of view, the glorious Bush administration reached new heights of important initiatives and we must defend against the ignorance of the Democrats who want to change that Bush legacy.  We are sworn enemies of all who want to inconvenience businesses like the banks and Wall Street with regulations that restrict their creativity.  The Democratic plan to hobble the medical insurance corporations is blatantly unfair to the corporations who must now issue policies on sick people. That is a preposterous regulation.  How can an insurer make profits if it has insure sick people?  And all those environmental regulations?   We will fight those who try to limit the profits of major corporations through silly laws like filling out safety and emergency plans before drilling new oil wells.

“On another Democratic initiative, we oppose tax increases on the wealthy because that could negatively impact our contributions from those wealth folks.

On the Bush Legacy:

“As you can see, our position isn’t simply being obstinate, it’s a defense of the status quo and a defense of President Bush’s legacy.

“We have a series of plans in place to continue that wonderful legacy as soon as we regain power.  We will lower taxes on corporations; we will eliminate these nonsensical regulations that limit the ingenuity of the corporate America.  We will celebrate the resurgence of the Bush-Cheney regime by offering a tax holiday to all citizens who make over a million dollars a year.  That will compensate them for the anguish they suffered worrying about what the Democrats would do to their excess earnings.”

On Corporate Donations:

When asked how much money the Party had received from corporations, the spokesperson replied, “The amount of money raised has been too small to be tabulated so I can’t answer your question.  This is a typical question from the liberal media. It constantly searches for the answers to nitpick questions that are of no interest to the Republican Party devotees.”

Pledge to America

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

I’m an independent voter and I’m interested in new ideas to fix the problems in my country.

I downloaded the Republican plan and read it.  After two years out of power, the best they can up with in the “new idea” category is to reestablished the Bush-Cheney Policies supplemented by right-wing conservative precepts.  We all know what these Bush-Cheney policies were about; fiscal irresponsibility, corporate irresponsibility, international irresponsibility, military irresponsibility, constitutional irresponsibility.  That is what the Republican pledge offers to Americans, more of these same defective and dangerous policies. In other words, they pledge to undo the restrictions placed on the health insurance industry and to re-de-regulate the banking industry.

Another portion of the Pledge to America promises to dismantle everything accomplished by President Obama as he fixes the messes left by Bush-Cheney.  From their actions, it is apparent that the Republicans think the Bush-Cheney policies are brilliant and they want to restart them.  That is a prescription that will destroy our democracy and our society.

I can understand the voters impatience with the Obama Administration and the continuing national problems, but people have to remember that Bush-Cheney had eight years to wreck the nation and it will take much longer than two years to fix it.  This process of repairing the county’s problems becomes especially difficult when every Administration proposal is opposed, delayed or killed off by the Republicans.

The important point that must be made is this: putting the Republicans back in charge will NOT fix the messes, it will only exacerbate our national problems by reestablishing the policies that caused the messes.  While the programs and policies of the Democrats a far from perfect, they are infinitely better than the Republican pledge to  return to the wonderful days of Bush-Cheney.

The Republican pledge is nothing but a smokescreen to hide the fact that they have only the old, disgraced policies of the past and no new ideas.

Republicans and the economy

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The Republican Party’s position on the economy is stunning in its hypocrisy. They state that Obama’s deficits are obscene and oppose increasing them.  They never objected to Bush’s deficits and now say that those were trivial.

They oppose adding to the deficit to help the unemployed, but fight against a tax increase on a tiny fraction of the population who least need the money. Their convoluted argument is that the rich need the money and can’t afford a tax increase.

I don’t object to the Republicans opposing Democratic policies and initiatives.  Debate is the stuff of democracy.  I object vehemently to their obtuse and hypercritical attempts to confuse the voters with their illogical arguments.

The deficits, in the long run, are bad.  In the short run, they are necessary.  The Republicans either ignore history or are ignorant about what happened when the country had a financial melt-down in the late 1920’s.  The federal government refused to help out and the country suffered through the Great Depression with 40-50% unemployment all through the 1930’s.  The depression finally ended when the government spent billions of dollars it didn’t have.

The Obama administration is handling the situation correctly, much to the discomfort of the Republicans who are committed to opposing everything the Democrats do.  Apparently, they believe that only they have the right to govern and to make decisions.

The Republican Grand Plan

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

When Bush was reelected in 2004, I pondered the implications of eight years of a Bush administration. That was when I perceived a possible long range plan of the Republicans.  My initial reaction was the plan was too preposterous to consider. To my intense disgust, recent events and polls show that the plan is working.

The Five-step program:

Basically, then plan consists of President Bush screwing the county in every way possible: economically, fiscally, militarily, diplomatically, environmentally.   Bush’s role was to screw things up so badly, a Democratic administration, indeed any administration would be incapable of fixing the mess in a single term. This is Phase A and it was a smashing success.

Phase B consists of the Republican members of Congress opposing any and all proposals of the Democratic administration without regard to the needs of the country. Phase B, now under way, is on track to success.

Phase C involves the interim elections in 2010. The Republicans castigate the Democrats for failing to solve the problems caused by Bush and then increase their number of seats making it even harder for the Democratic administration to fix Bush’s messes.

Phase D involves the Presidential election in 2012.  Here the Republicans espouse the total failure of the Democrats to fix Bush’s disasters.  They count on the forgetfulness (or the utter stupidity) of the voters to elect another Republican president.

Phase E involves the new Republican administration continuing the Grand Republican scheme of shredding the Constitution and changing out democracy to a white Christian theocracy.

For a glimpse of how this could work out, consult a history book and read up on the Religious Wars in Europe in the fifteen and sixteen hundreds.

Overall, I have to say the Republican Grand Plan is on track to become a success.  Unfortunately, it is a cynical power scheme that never considers the needs of the country or its people.  To the degree the Republican plan succeeds, America, with it’s great heritage and promise, will become some the Founding Fathers struggled to avoid.

Fight back.  Don’t vote for those candidates that follow this prescription for a national disaster.