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New Jersey Politicians

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The media often covers the trials and incarcerations of New Jersey’s corrupt politicians and, indeed, the state has a lot of officials doing hard time, standing trial or awaiting sentencing.  There are so many of them that folks in other states think New Jersey is the center of political corruption.  Not true.  New Jersey’s politicians are no more corrupt than other politicians throughout the world and history.  What gives the state a bad name is that we investigate and prosecute more politicians that the other states do.  These other states suffer from corrupt politicians just as much as New Jersey does; the difference is that New Jersey does something about it.

Instead of snickering at New Jersey, the voters in these other states should demand that their prosecutors follow New Jersey’s example and investigate more of their politicians.  It is my belief that if that happens, New Jersey will become ‘average’ in terms of its number of jailed politicians.

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World Series and New Jersey

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Now that the World Series opponents have been determined, the importance of New Jersey’s geographical location becomes apparent.  New Jersey forms a hundred mile buffer zone between the Yankee fans and the Philies fans.  Without New Jersey, these fans would be rubbing elbows (and dodging knuckles).  Without New Jersey, emergency rooms in hospitals would be overloaded with injured fans of both clubs.

If you would like to thank New Jersey for performing this valuable, civic-minded public service, visit the state and drop your contribution in any one of its many, conveniently-located toll booths.

Let me know what you think about New Jersey’s importance.

New Jersey Phenomenon?

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Does this quirk occur in other parts of the country, or is it unique to New Jersey? When NJ residents meet another NJ resident and get asked “Where do you live?” the response is always in two parts.  For instance, an answer will take the form, “Tom River, exit 82,” if the responder lives near the Parkway or “Newark, exit 15,” if the  home is near the Turnpike.  This locates and identifies the specific area to a Jersey resident even if they never heard of the town because every Jersey driver knows (exactly or approximately) where each exit on each highway is.