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Build A Better Story Review

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The Quintessentially Quilly  website reviewed my fiction writing ebook.BABS cover

You can read it by following this link

Build a Better Story

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Build a Better Story is now available at Smashwords for download in EPUB, MOBI, LRF, PDB, and TXT formats.  It is available on my website in .PDF format.BABS cover

Have a story that needs to be told?  Here’s the best way to go about doing it.The book describes a process that eases the work involved in developing a story.  This reduces the time spent in reworking flawed and imperfect drafts. Following the process allows more time to be spent on the creative activities and shortens the time spent on less creative work.

Besides the process, this book takes a unique approach to character building and plotting.  It identifies problem areas that inexperienced writers struggle with and explains how to address those problems including character motivation and scene design.

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Build a Better Story

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Build a Better Story is now available in ebook format. It replaces the previous version Get it in Gear.  The new version has 67% more material.  Its focus is on providing a method of organizing the thoughts and story elements in a way that simplifies writing the first draft.

An artist doesn’t start slopping paint on a blank canvas the instant she gets an idea for a new painting.  She sketches the ideas on
paper and then prepares the canvas.  So too, an author has to sketch out the story ideas and prepare the ‘canvas’ before setting out to write the first draft.  Build a Better Story shows you how to do that.

Build a Better Story received five stars from Readers Favorites.

Check it out here!

BABS Cover

Fiction Writing Discussion

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Starting today, (1/6/10) I’ll be a guest on the Writebuzz website to discuss various aspects of fiction writing.  This week’s topic is Story Construction. The remaining schedule is as follows:

1/13: Motivation

1/20: Characterization

1/27: Plotting.

Stop by and check out the discussion.  You may like the site and elect to join it.

Newbie Writers DIscussion Forum

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I’ll be featured as a guest on the Newbie Writers discussion forum for four Wednesdays in September: 9/2, 9/9, 9/16 and 9/23.

After posting a brief article on that week’s topic, I’ll be talking questions on the subject.

The discussion topic for each week is: plotting, motivation, characterization, and story construction. All of the material I use will be taken from Get It In Gear, my collection of fiction writing articles and advice for writers.

Stop by and check it out especially if you’re new to fiction writing.