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Holiday Gift Idea

Friday, December 11th, 2009

This year why not give the gift of laughter?  Here are a pair of books that fit that description.  I’ve included a review for each one and a link to my website page where you can obtain buying information.

Fools Gold:

Would Wagner have died laughing? Who but that master of satire, Hank Quense, would even think of turning Wagner’s Ring operas into a comical space opera? Well, actually it all takes place on our planet, but some of the main characters are aliens. It’s a continuous comedy of errors as each faction seeks power and all are working at cross-purposes. Through it all, Brunnhilde keeps up her personal quest for true love.What delicious fun!

Tunnel Vision:

If you’re tired of science fiction and fantasy that take themselves too seriously, or just want a little relief from the horrors of the daily news, this collection will have you chuckling, snickering, and maybe laughing out loud. Quense has sharpened his satirical pen to let the hot air out of everything from historical characters and classic literature to politics and national defense. Yet “many a truth is spoken in jest” and you’ll find plenty of food for thought between giggling fits and guffaws.

Quense’s stories are filled with unlikely heroes whose courage and idealism are exceeded only by their inability to understand human relationships. They bumble their way to victory, only to find they failed to understand the situation. Both rescuer and rescued are afflicted with “tunnel vision” and can’t see the big picture. But the reader can, and therein lies much of the humor, as we observe human foibles from a safe distance.

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Sunday, July 19th, 2009

My wife and I stopped donating the large charities like cancer research.  We also don’t answer the phone when the caller id shows an 800 number or the name of one of these charities.  We made a mistake of answering one of the calls and agreed to make a donation.  Since then, we are inundated with calls from a number of these big charities. They obviously trade or sell their phone lists.  The calls never stop coming. Just consider all the effort behind making these calls plus the junk mail that comes in every day and you have to wonder how much of a donation reaches the charity and how much the soliciting companies rake off.  The charities must get pennies on a dollar.

Now, we give only to local charities like food banks.  They say ‘thank you’ and leave you alone.