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New Interview

Friday, April 16th, 2010
Today, I’m interviewed by Sheila Crosby on her blog.  We talk about my novel Fool’s
Fool's Gold Cover
Fool’s Gold Cover
Gold. Sheila is an author and a photographer.  She’s also a Brit ex-pat living in the Canary Islands.

Fool’s Gold Interview

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
On 2/10/10 I had an interview with Nanci Arvizu on Blog Talk Radio to discuss

Fool's Gold Cover

Fool's Gold Cover

my novel Fool’s Gold.  You can listen or download it to hear later at this site or click on the link below

Fool’s Gold gets 5-Star Review

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Fool’s Gold by Hank Quense is the retelling of the ancient myth of the Rhinegold with a unique twist. Quense’s version takes place in a dark future after society as we know it has been destroyed by hostilities, pestilence and contamination. This novella is filled with aliens, primeval

Fool's Gold Cover

Fool's Gold Cover

supernatural beings, beautiful Norse goddess, out-of-date conquerors, scheming aristocracy, treachery, insatiability, incest, a mysterious gold hoard.

I found this story unique. Quense is a master at satire. However, the story does not always flow smoothly. I felt it lost focus in a few places. The descriptions are fantastic. The characters are forceful. Fans of Sci-Fi will love Fool’s Gold.
5-stars (out of 5)

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