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Zaftan Entrepreneurs: a new review

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The LL Book Review site has posted a review on my novel.  In part it reads:

Hank has managed to combine elements of politics and humor to create this epic tale. As he promised Hank has shown us an undiscovered side of Sci-Fi that has not been seen before. It’sZaftan3D_3a brilliantly unique. He’s managed to cram so many opposing themes and made them flow together. Its kinda like a meal of Brussels sprouts and ice-cream and he’s managed to make it taste like chocolate

My first thought was…quirky, unique, completely original, different, extraordinary… I could go on spewing out a torrent of synonyms but I think you get the point

I see that this book has been quite hyped as being full of laughs and although still funny I wouldn’t say it was comedy, more like wit than anything else. It reminds me of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and very much like Pratchett’s books I can see this coming a long way and perhaps becoming a cult favorite.

I look forward to reading Zaftan Miscreants, the next in the planned three book series, and as much as I think that it’ll be every bit as good as its predecessor I am slightly disappointed that the book is set two hundred and fifty years after the first, I would of liked to see more of the characters. With a little recognition this could go a long way and I wish Hank Quense to have continued good fortune with his writing. I did forget to mention that ZE has also picked up a Readers Favorite award. To conclude, it’s a brilliant book that shows a new side of Sci-Fi rarely seen before. Buy it!

Here is the complete list of book sellers

(Author’s Note: the characters in this book aren’t in retirement.  They may be back for more adventure, but without the smelly aliens)

Summer Reading

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Summer is here!  Time to read a few good books.Zaftan3D_2a

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TFG award cover

Zaftan Entrepreneurs: a new review

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

This material was copied from the Amazon page for Zaftan Entrepreneurs

5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievably funny, June 17, 2011

By Evie-Bookish -

Zaftan Entrepreneurs is an extremely funny and highly entertaining science fantasy novel by Hank Quense. This book has everything: humor, adventure, magic, war, aliens, fantasy creatures and humans. Spiced up with a hilarious political satire and a healthy dose of romance, it’s a delightful fast-paced and engaging read, that will leave you craving for more. I can promise you that it’s nothing like you’ve ever read before!

The story takes off when a Zaftan space ship approaches the Gundar planet. Zaftans are rather repulsiveZaftan3D_2alooking, squid-like creatures, standing seven feet tall and weighing over 400 pounds, with grayish skin oozing green slime. Oh, and did I mention that they don’t wear clothes? It’s because the slime makes most cloth materials smolder and eventually catch fire. Not only do they look nasty, but they’re also quite snarly and treacherous, even toward their own kind. They come from a planet called Zaftan 31B, colorless and depressing place, permanently covered with dark clouds. Living on a planet nearly deployed of natural resources, zaftans are forced to explore the space.

During one of the exploration voyages a zaftan space ship, commanded by Captain Yunta, comes across Gundar, a bluish planet populated by diverse races, such as dwarfs, elves, humans, half-pints, yuks and others. After a brief analysis of the surface, Yunta decides to send Shtap, one of her officers, to negotiate the mining treaty with the leader of the natives. After learning the language of the natives, Shtap pays a visit to the president of Gundarland, Albert Webley. In exchange for the mining permission, he offers to teach them how to clean up the pollution and keep their water clean. Shtap says, they will use robotic explorers to explore the surface of the planet and promises to respect the property rights and the people. The officials, tempted by the prospect of having their pollution problem solved, agree to the treaty. Everything seems to be going well for zaftans, up until the point when the robotic explorers start trespassing and causing damage to the private properties. One thing zaftans don’t yet realize is how feisty a creature each Gundarians can be when it comes to protecting his/her land and property. Zaftans are about to learn their lesson the hard way!

I haven’t read any previous novels from Hank Quense, but in this one, he definitely makes his great talent clear. Hank is no doubt an ingenious comedic writer, blessed with intellect and the ability to make the reader laugh out loud. It really doesn’t even matter whether you’re a fantasy or science fiction fan, if you like a good laugh, this is definitely a book for you. Zaftan Entrepreneurs is remarkably fresh and consistently funny, very Pratchett-ish! The characters in this book are fascinating and even the smallest ones are very relevant to the plot. I loved how the story was told from many different perspectives, all of them complementary to each other. I enjoyed the story and the humor a lot, I found it extremely hard to put this book down and I’m definitely looking forward to the second part of Zaftan Trilogy!

So is there anyone I wouldn’t recommend this book to? Well, yes, actually, there is. If your book shelf consist mostly of YA/Paranormal novels, you might not find this book to be a good fit for you. It definitely takes a rather mature and open minded reader to fully appreciate the political satire (which by the way, is oh!-so-genius!). But if you’re one of the people who can “think outside the box” and you feel like a good laugh, then by all means, grab the book and start reading! You definitely won’t be disappointed!

Get a copy now! It makes a great summer read.  Available in print and ebook editions.

Read all the review and a sample on my website.

The Midwest Book Review on Zaftan Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

The thing that will push contact with new worlds the quickest is the desire for profit. “Zaftan Entrepreneurs” is a science fiction story lampooning the firstZaftan3D_2a contact cliche as the Zaftan expansion targets a small rock with plenty of unruly creatures and lots of money to be made. But these creatures – people, dwarves, among other things, aren’t going to simply let their own world be a profit margin. “Zaftan Entrepreneurs” is a fun and humorous spin on business, new worlds, and is just plain entertaining.  Vogel’s Bookshelf

On top of that, the price has been reduced.  The print edition has dropped around 20% on Createspace.  Amazon and B&N prices will also be reduced shortly.  The ebook edition at Smashwords has also been reduced.

Get a copy and be entertained

Zaftan Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Zaftan Entrepreneurs is available at a number of book seller sites.  Besides Amazon and Smashword, it is available thru B&N, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Amazon UK.

Since its debut, it has enthralled reviewers and readers.  Here are some of their comments:

* Zaftan Entrepreneurs is a great book. It was very funny and unlike any sci-fi book I’veZaftan3D_2a seen out there. Travis-Goodreads

* …the remaining two volumes of the Zaftan trilogy are awaited with glee: Lois Henderson:

* Hank Quense has painted yet another vibrant world of fun and fantasy that will entice and entertain any reader who values his artistic gift.
Lynn Coyle

* Besides adventure with a bit of romance and comic relief thrown in, the story contains a great deal of satire that will resonate with modern readers. Martha Cheves

Watch the trailer to get a better idea about the story.

Zaftan Entrepreneurs Trailer

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Here it is!  The “official” trailer for Zaftan Entrepreneurs.  Watch it on Youtube:


Read an Ebook Week

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I’m participating in International Read an Ebook Week by offering 25% discounts on three of my books published by Smashwords.  The books are Tales From Gundarland, Zaftan Entrepreneurs and Build a Better Story.  On Smashwords, click on the title and you’ll go to a page that has a discount coupon to use while checking out.  It’s that simple.  The discounts are available from 3/6 to 3/12.


Laughter is like free health insurance: you can’t get too much of it. This book will give you enough laughs toTFG award coverboost your health.

It’s filled with delightful entertainment. Without commercial interruption!

Gundarland is populated by humans, dwarfs, elves and other races; it’s the backdrop for unique adventures, brilliant heroes and cunning villains.

There are six short stories and two novellas in here. All are new. You’ll meet some of Shakespeare’s most famous characters, a warrior-cook, vigilantes, a trio of beautiful, lusty princesses to mention just a few of the memorable characters in the stories.


Tired of reading scifi and fantasy stories that take themselves too seriously? Zaftan Entrepreneurs is a uniqueZaftan3D_3aFirst Contact story; it is part adventure and part corporate and political satire spiced with comic relief.

Here, you’ll find nasty, snarly aliens, fantasy creatures, humans, romance, magic, and–just like the real world–incompetent politicians and feuding bureaucracies. What more could a fantasy/scifi reader ask for?

Aliens, fantasy creatures and humans in one story? They don’t mix very well. Neither do untrustworthy aliens and deceitful government bureaucrats.


Have a story that needs to be told? Here’s the best way to go about doing it.BABS Cover

The book describes a process that eases the work involved in developing a story. This reduces the time spent in reworking flawed and imperfect drafts. Following the process allows more time to be spent on the creative activities and shortens the time spent on less creative work.

Besides the process, this book takes a unique approach to character building and plotting. It identifies problem areas that inexperienced writers struggle with and explains how to address those problems including character motivation and scene design.

Readers & Reviewers love the Zaftans!

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Both groups lavish praise on Zaftan Entrepreneurs and want to know when Books 2 and 3 will be published.

Lois Henderson of writes in part: “Quense seems to find as much pleasureZaftan3D_3areveling in the universe of his own creation as does a small boy in getting plastered with mud in the middle of a rainstorm. And we, as his readers, delight with him too, especially when his multi-layered meanings become transparently clear, reflecting the multiplicity of foibles that affect us as humankind. In their portrayal of an intriguing world of fantasy (that, nevertheless, has a great deal to do with the reality of our   own), the remaining two volumes of the Zaftan trilogy are awaited with glee.”  To read the entire review, follow the link above.

Cheryl from Goodreads wrote: “This tongue-in-cheek novel is a delight for sci-fi fans, wonderfully humorous without descending into silly. Between pms’ing ship captains, napping politicians, conniving aliens, drunken soldiers, budding romance, and unexpected results when magics from two different cultures collide, the story was masterfully woven together to keep me entertained from start to finish”: Cheryl gave it 4 stars

Readers Favorite said: “Zaftan Entrepreneurs by Hank Quense is Book 1 of the new series Zaftan Trilogy. Hank is a well known author of science fiction. I have reviewed several other books for him and I think this is by far his best. Zaftan Entrepreneurs is not your usual science fiction read. Hank has taken the genre to a new level. Five stars”

Chris Gerrib from POD People posted this in part: “Since the Zaftans have a high opinion of themselves (for no discernable reason) and the Gundarland tech-level is mid-Victorian, the Zaftans decide to take the local yokels for a ride.  It’s not much of a spoiler to tell you that the locals, including a female dwarf constable named Leslie Higginbottom and a miner named MacDrakin Gemfinder, have other ideas. The implementation of these ideas leads to a very humorous romp through the book. Quense spares nobody in his satire – taking aim at politicians, bureaucrats and trade union members with equal zest, just to name a few of his targets.”

To quote Lynn Coyle: “Hank Quense’s creativity is limitless! This story is filled with action, romance, and Quense’s trademark unique, satirical wit. Five stars.”

You can read a press release here:

Publication Schedule:

The books will be published a year apart:

Book 1: Zaftan Entrepreneurs: January 2011

Book 2: Zaftan Miscreants: January 2012

Book 3: Zaftan Lovers: January 2013

A Terrific Book Deal

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

As in introductory offer for my new novel Zaftan Entrepreneurs, I’m offer that book with my award-winning Tales From Gundarland for a package price of $30.  I’ll even pay the postage within the USA.  In addition, you’ll receive two free ebooks, Humorous Yarns and Other stuff and Real Recipes and Fake News Stories.

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The Zaftans are here!

Monday, January 24th, 2011

My new novel, Zaftan Entrepreneurs, is now available in print and ebook editions. This is Book 1 of the Zaftan Trilogy.  Four pre-publication reviews each gave it five stars

Tired of reading scifi and fantasy stories that take themselves too seriously?  Zaftan Entrepreneurs is a unique First Contact story; it is part adventure and part corporate and political satire spiced with comic relief.

Here, you’ll find nasty, snarly aliens, fantasy creatures, humans, romance, magic, and — just like the real world — incompetent politicians and feuding bureaucracies.  What more could a fantasy or scifiZaftan3D_2a reader ask for?

Zaftans are a gruesome alien race.  They stand seven feet tall, weigh over four hundred pounds and stink like fish guts left in the sun too long.  Resembling giant squids, they have eight tentacles that can be used as arms or legs.  When in a good mood, they are merely hostile.  All zaftans consider treachery and assassination to be social skills and list them on their resumes.

A zaftan mining expedition discovers Gundarland, a place inhabited by humans, elves, dwarfs and other races.  Initial scans by the ship indicate promising places to search for the rare minerals they seek.  Since the planet is inhabited, the zaftans have to deal with the natives, but they plan to negotiate treacherously with the government.

Robotic explorers are deployed and instructed to ignore the natives and disregard private property.  These actions enrage a dwarf miner, MacDrakin, to the point he declares war on the robots and the aliens.  He collects a few warriors and destroys a number of robots.  His actions threaten his budding romance with Higginbottom, the area’s only constable, who has orders from the government to protect the robots.

When a robot discovers a large mineral find under the area’s only town, the ship’s captain decides on revenge and orders the town destroyed during the mining process.  Meanwhile, MacDrakin positions his warriors to block the alien attempt.

Who will win, MacDrakin or the aliens?