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Study on cell phone ban

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

A recent study on the effects of banning cell phone use while driving came up with an unexpected result.  The study showed that the accident rate didn’t change after the ban went into effect.  Investigators were puzzled by the results and don’t understand them.  Well, duh.  The accident rate didn’t go down because drivers ignore the cell phone ban and keep on using them while driving.

Cell phone bans are useless.  The only thing that will stop drivers from using their phones while driving is a technology that will prevent cell phone use while the vehicle is moving.

Silly studies like this one will be used buy the phone companies as proof that cell phone use in vehicles doesn’t have to banned.

Texting while driving

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

I’m sure the politicians mean well, but a ban on texting and cell phone use will have no effect on the majority of the people the law aims at.   They will continue to use their cell phones while driving.  It’s been reported that business people even use computers while they drive.  They too will ignore the law.

The is only one way to stop the madness.  How hard can it be to develop a device that will block all cell phone/computer use while the vehicle is moving?  I don’t think it will be difficult at all.  Of course, some will argue that the device will also block the cell phones of those in the car who aren’t driving.  Tough.  As for the business people (and truck drivers) who claim they have to work while driving?  Pull over, get your business done and they go back to driving

I have no sympathy for those who will intentionally and selfishly endanger my life while I’m on the road.

Update: Today (10/5/09) the New York Times ran an op-ed piece written by a lawyer and a computer science professor.  It in, they maintain that this problem can not be solved by passing laws.  Drivers who text etc. will assume they will not be caught and ignore the law.  They go on to state that the only solution is technology, either in the cell sites or in the vehicle.