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Ipad & E-reader Apps

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

A funny thing happened after I bought an Ipad; I started buying books again.  I usually check out books from the library, several a week.  I routinely visit three libraries in the area to find books I want to read.  I generally don’t order books on-line because they are expensive and don’t get delivered for a week or so.

Once I got my Ipad, things changed.  First I downloaded the Amazon kindle app and the Barnes and Noble app.  With the built-in Istore app, I now had three on-line bookstores to peruse.  To my surprise, I began finding books by my favorite authors that the libraries didn’t have.  I love Tom Holt books but the libraries don’t have many of this British author’s books, so I downloaded some of them, and started reading immediately.  I also downloaded books I read and enjoyed many years ago, but can’t find in libraries.

So what’s the impact the Ipad had on my life? It’s costing me money, but I’m enjoying a number of books I otherwise wouldn’t read. I love the bookmark ability.  Say I come across one of Terry Pratchett’s great bon mots, I can bookmark the place and go back it later.

All this is good news for ebook publishers, but not for traditional print publishers.  Already, in only two months, my Ipad has a sizable inventory of books stashed on it.I

Apple Computer

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Recently, I’ve read quite a few articles by “experts” deploring Jobs and his Apple empire.  These articles rip into the Apple refusal to use an open architecture, bemoan its “closed garden” approach, denounce its greedy control of software, and denigrate its response to the lost/stolen Iphone 4.  The quantity of articles seems to be increasing as is the acerbic tone they use.

Meanwhile, the ignorant masses, oblivious to the evils of the Apple Empire, keep right on buying thousands of Ipods, Iphones and now the Ipads.  BTW, you can’t walk into an Apple store and buy an Ipad; the stores don’t have any in stock.  You have to reserve one and it takes two weeks minimum before your reservation is filled. I ordered mine online on 5/21 and it won’t ship until 6/7.

This demand for Apple products shows how much educating we ignoramuses need and what the tough job the “experts” have in front of them.

On the other hand, perhaps there is a reason we ignore the “experts.”

Iphones and Grandkids

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

These just go together naturally.  I have five grandkids from 8 1/2 to 2 and they all play games on my Iphone.  The 2 year-old will come up to me and yank on my pants, then say, “play game.”  He sits son my lap (I hold the Iphone!) and we play a few games I downloaded.  In one of them he has to match shapes.  Another teaches him numbers and colors.  My four-year-old granddaughter loves a game called Cookie Doodle.  She rolls out the dough, cuts it with a cookie cutter (the game has dozens of cutters) bakes it, decorates it and then “eats it.”  My seven-year old grandson likes to play battleships while my six-year-old grandson will play anything with movement: car racing, tank battles, Doodle Jump.  The oldest, 8 1/2 is the only one not very interested in playing games on it.

I think the Iphone games are marvelous. It is the best computer gadget I ever bought and I’ve had home computers since they first became available.  Except for the two oldest grandkids, the others can’t read or are just learning, but that doesn’t stop them from playing.  Everything they have to do is instinctive on the Iphone.  All they have to do is what feels natural to them and it works: no reading necessary.  Meanwhile, the young ones are learning skills while entertaining themselves.

I think the new Ipad will become, over time, an invaluable tool to teach kids many subjects while making it fun for them to learn.