Tunnel Vision Table of Contents: Part 1

TV-cover-smallListed below are the first ten stories in this collection and a short synopsis of each.

The collection is now available in e-book and print editions. If you want to watch trailers for three of the stories and read the reviews first go to my website


Sponsored By . . .: an army captain struggles to save his rifle company from demented felons.

MacBeth: The Sequel: The Wyrd sisters go on a quest to save their pet mo

nster, Nessie, and to find a few good men.

Lucy in Love: Satan sends Pope Alex VI and his daughter Lucy Borgia to earth to reverse the decline in the market share of souls bound for Hell.

Manhattan Monsters: The undead struggle for survival against government agents while hoping to win their softball tournament in a Central Park league.

Practical Experience: Vatsik, knight-accountant, is on his first adventure

and he quickly discovers he can’t rely on what his teachers told him.

Staphmeyer’s Mantra: an intern in a New York City gets what he wished for and immediately regrets it.

Tunnel Vision: A music professor and self-proclaimed genius fights for his department’s share of the university’s budget.

Recipe for Revenge: Burga, a warrior-cook, joins forces with a sorceress-pastry chef to take revenge on wizard-food-critic for his bad reviews.

Rainbow Bridge: a guy inadvertantly summons Loki to earth and has to put the god up in his apartment.

Mead Cup: The Knights of the Round Table soccer team have to fend off a tough challenge from the invading Saxon team.

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