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Travel A Time Historic Cover: Fall 2005: Mead Cup


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Hank writes Science Fiction and Fantasy stories (along with an occasional writing article) from Bergenfield, NJ. All of these stories are humorous or satiric because he refuses to write serious genre stories. He feels that folks who crave serious Fantasy and SF can get a full measure in any daily newspaper.

He has a novel (Fool's Gold) a collection of short stories (Tunnel Vision) in print and ebook versions. He also authored and published a book on fiction writing (Build a Better Story) available on his website in as an ebook. Much of the book is based on his experiences in critiquing hundreds of short stories and a number of novels His latest work is Tales From Gundarland, an award-winning collection of six short stories and two novellas set in Gundarland, a parallel universe only a short wormhole or two away from our universe.

In an un-published state (at the moment) are the first two novels in a trilogy involving both fantasy and alien cultures. He is working on the first book of a fantasy trilogy and several short stories.

Besides this country, he has sold stories to publishers in Canada, Ireland, Britain, Australia, France, Tau Ceti and Zaftan 31B

Hank can be reached via e-mail at this link.



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