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Cyberpulp cover issue 2: Fall 2004: Rogue Wizard


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Writing fantasy and science fiction stories is fun.  Writing fiction writing articles isn't nearly as much fun.  Actually, writing articles is akin to (shudder) work.  Nevertheless, in the interest of self-flagellation and to show solidarity with working people,  I occasionally write articles on how to duplicating my stunning lack of success.

* Differentiation: A tool for self-marketing books. Published on "A Book Inside" website in July 2010. It will also be published in January on the "1st Turning Point" site.

* Motivation: published by Writing World. Motivation is what drives the characters in a story and it's what keeps the reader turning the pages.

* Daytime TV: a valuable addition to a writer's toolbox: to be published by Byline magazine later this year. Daytime TV can provide wonderful insights into poor or shoddy fiction-writing habits.

* Character Development: Published by Writers Journal August, 2007: Vol 28, no5 Memorable stories always have memorable characters. These figures are complex and display a number of traits that the reflect the character’s humanity. They are much more than the sum of physical attributes because the authors have delved deeply into the inner workings of their nature.

* Story Construction: Published by Writers Journal: Vol 26, no 6.  October/November  2005. This articel has been re-published by Absolute Write in June 2008. It can be read on their website here. Writers have to resist the urge to start a new story draft as soon as they get an idea because the process of constructing a story involves a great deal of work that must be done before writing the manuscript.

* Free Fiction Workshops: Published by Writer Online December, 2000 Fiction writers can use the soap operas to good advantage if they know what to listen for.



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