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scyweb-bem cover Scyweb Bem cover: Summer 2007 edition: Manhattan Monsters

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I live in Bergenfield, a mid-sized town in northern New Jersey. I live with my wife, Pat, who I married forty years ago.

We have two daughters and five grandkids all of whom live in neighboring towns. Part of that mob is pictured on the left (bottom).

Bergenfield is about fifteen miles from midtown Manhattan, often referred to as the center of the galaxy because so many aliens and time-travelers go there for vacation and /or long weekends. One of the most popular vacation packages for these visitors is to get a gig as a taxi cab driver.

When I'm not writing (which is generally, all morning, every morning) I watch grandkids, shop and cook dinner. When I'm not doing any of those things, I may be searching for new recipes on my Iphone.

On the upper left, is a recent (summer 2009) rare photo of our five grandchildren: rare because they are all a) grouped together in one spot, b) not running or jumping and c) not pinching, punching or pulling hair. From left to right, they are: Will, 5 1/2, Sean, 1 1/2, Tommy, 7, Jenni, 3 and Anna, 8.

Besides story writing, I also belong to two on-line writers groups. One, called Critters is a huge global group of fantasy, SF and horror writers. The other is small band of plucky writers located in various parts of the world including Ireland, Britain, Crete and the Canary Islands.


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