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Reviewed by Tamera L. for Readers Favorite 4 stars

"ZAFTAN MISCREANTS" is a science fiction novel that pits the Zaftans and the Gundies against one another. Ensign Sam is an android, who was created by the navy. Sam is sent on mission aboard the Gundy flagship Tiger. Sam is an android, though she is finding something odd with her sensory human-like (or softie) emotions that she thinks is a test or flaw of some sort. She reports to Admiral Cunningham, who is impressed by the pretty human-like android. Their mission is to engage the Zaftan fleet, a group of raiders or pirates that exploit other planets. Slash 9 is a computer, who runs the Tiger and thinks he rules the ship, demanding Sam’s obedience. Sam thinks the computer’s God-like vision is ludicrous. But Slash 9 is impressed by Sam and her intelligence, wanting to know more about the human emotion called love and determined to find a way to make Sam love him in return.
On the Zaftan’s side, Commodore Gongeblazn is power hungry and dangerous. But Lieutenant Klatze can hold her own against the bully. The beautiful Zaftan hates Gongeblazn’s policies and it isn’t long until he turns on her.
"ZAFTAN MISCREANTS" is an interesting read, though at times I had to reread what I read to get a fuller concept of what is going on. Sam is a wonderful character, funny and clever. Slash 9 is an equally compelling character (or computer) whose love and lust for Sam is hilarious. Equally funny is Dot 38. I really enjoyed the banter between all the characters. The fact that Zaftan females have three wombs and can go berserk was humorous in itself. Hank Quense has a vivid, wild imagination and obviously I had a lot of fun with these characters. This is a good read for Science fiction fans!
The story is fast-paced and enjoyable with the varied creatures and their interactions. The Yuks with Gorya as their leader was hilarious with his antics and loyalties. The characters were believable with varied depths as well as shallowness, especially in the politicians.

Zaftan Entrepreneurs is an imaginative, humorous journey showing the contrasts of humanity in all creatures on our planet. Teri Davis

Hank has managed to combine elements of politics and humor to create this epic tale. As he promised Hank has shown us an undiscovered side of Sci-Fi that has not been seen before. It’s brilliantly unique. He’s managed to cram so many opposing themes and made them flow together. Its kinda like a meal of Brussels sprouts and ice-cream and he’s managed to make it taste like chocolate

My first thought was…quirky, unique, completely original, different, extraordinary… I could go on spewing out a torrent of synonyms but I think you get the point

I see that this book has been quite hyped as being full of laughs and although still funny I wouldn’t say it was comedy, more like wit than anything else. It reminds me of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and very much like Pratchett’s books I can see this coming a long way and perhaps becoming a cult favorite.

I look forward to reading Zaftan Miscreants, the next in the planned three book series, and as much as I think that it’ll be every bit as good as its predecessor I am slightly disappointed that the book is set two hundred and fifty years after the first, I would of liked to see more of the characters. With a little recognition this could go a long way and I wish Hank Quense to have continued good fortune with his writing. I did forget to mention that ZE has also picked up a Readers Favorite award. To conclude, it’s a brilliant book that shows a new side of Sci-Fi rarely seen before. Buy it!
LL Book Reviews

Zaftan Entrepreneurs is an extremely funny and highly entertaining science fantasy novel by Hank Quense. This book has everything: humor, adventure, magic, war, aliens, fantasy creatures and humans. Spiced up with a hilarious political satire and a healthy dose of romance, it's a delightful fast-paced and engaging read, that will leave you craving for more. I can promise you that it's nothing like you've ever read before!

Five out of five stars: Ji-ye: Goodreads

For my sanity, the title will be refered to as Z.E.

Z.E is a scifi/fantasy adventure that involves many characters point of views. It starts off with Yunta, an alien commander in charge of finding rare minerals on other planets and bringing them back to hers. However, things are not going too well and she stumbles upon the world of some pretty feisty natives.

MacDrakin is a dwarf miner who owns his own land, mines day in and out, and hopefully one day he dreams of finding a nice, pretty, ambitous dwarf female to settle down with. His world turns upside down when the aliens invade his planet, he then takes it upon himself (with his legendary battle-axe) to teach the aliens a lesson. Leslie Higginbottom (great name right?) is the constable of the town of Skensfirth and a half dwarf half human. She is a tough girl (arent all dwarves?) and i really liked her character alot. Shes witty and smart and just a tad unsure of things and thats what makes her likeable. We also see events unfold through a myrad of other people such as the assasin dagger, the militia crew, the Yuk leader Gorya and others. All adding charm to the book.

The world that is built is a nice, lush one filled with mountains and animals and a variety of races such as elves, the dwarves, humans and half-pints, which i can only guess are like gnomes or halflings. There is magic also from both the land peoples and the aliens and it was interesting that they both worked in two diffrent ways.

LunaMoth: 5 out of 5 stars

The thing that will push contact with new worlds the quickest is the desire for profit. "Zaftan Entrepreneurs" is a science fiction story lampooning the first contact cliche as the Zaftan expansion targets a small rock with plenty of unruly creatures and lots of money to be made. But these creatures - people, dwarves, among other things, aren't going to simply let their own world be a profit margin. "Zaftan Entrepreneurs" is a fun and humorous spin on business, new worlds, and is just plain entertaining. Midwest Book Reviews

Zaftan Entrepreneurs is a great book. It was very funny and unlike any sci-fi book I’ve seen out there. It is full of Elves, Yuks, Dwarfs, Humans, Half- Pints, and giant oozing octopuses trying to take over a world. The characters are very likeable and realistic (in a fantasy kind of way). The author shows you the view points from both the good and bad sides. I thought it was super original and I was so happy that I added this book; it makes a great and welcome edition to my library. I am extremely excited about the second one though it is still so far away. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good laugh and a great/ fast sci-fi read. Travis--Goodreads: 5 stars

Quense seems to find as much pleasure reveling in the universe of his own creation as does s small boy in getting plastered with mud in the middle of a rainstorm. And we, as his readers, delight with him too, especially when his multi-layered meanings become transparently clear, reflecting the multiplicity of foibles that affect us as humankind. In their portrayal of an intriguing world of fantasy (that, nevertheless, has a great deal to do with the reality of our own), the remaining two volumes of the Zaftan trilogy are awaited with glee: Lois Henderson:

This tongue-in-cheek novel is a delight for sci-fi fans, wonderfully humorous without descending into silly. Between pms'ing ship captains, napping politicians, conniving aliens, drunken soldiers, budding romance, and unexpected results when magics from two different cultures collide, the story was masterfully woven together to keep me entertained from start to finish: Cheryl-Goodreads: 4 stars

Prepare to fly through a sci-fi world filled with slimy Zaftans, clever Yuks, a perky Pink Dragon Puppy, and many other colorful characters. Hank Quense's creativity is limitless! This story is filled with action, romance, and Quense's trademark unique, satirical wit. You will laugh out loud at lines such as, "Dwarf romance was fraught with peril because both males and females had beards." Hank Quense has painted yet another vibrant world of fun and fantasy that will entice and entertain any reader who values his artistic gift.
Lynn Coyle

Besides adventure with a bit of romance and comic relief thrown in, the story contains a great deal of satire that will resonate with modern readers. The alien leader is depicted as a greedy corporate executive, ruthlessly seeking to increase profits. Most of the politicians are either incompetent or only interested in gaining more power while ignoring the country's problems.

After reading Tales From Gundarland, I thought Author Hank Quense was all out of imagination but, he seems to have an imagination that is non-stop. I have no idea as to where he comes up with some of his descriptions of his characters. Zaftans are huge squid-like creatures with nasty dispositions. A pink dragon pup (accidentally generated by an unknown magical process) runs around the Presidential Palace. Nut-busters are dwarf warriors armed with a two-foot long helmet spike. Other unusual characters are too many to list.

Hank Quense is full of funny stories! As I said when I read Tales From Gundarland, this book would make a wonderful series of movies. Martha Cheves:

Zaftan Entrepreneurs by Hank Quense is Book 1 of the new series Zaftan Trilogy. Hank is a well known author of science fiction. I have reviewed several other books for him and I think this is by far his best. Zaftan Entrepreneurs is not your usual science fiction read. Hank has taken the genre to a new level.

Hank Quense adds more than a dab of humor to this book and a great deal of insight into the workings of the bureaucrats. I'm sure I have not done justice to this book. It is impossible to describe the antics on from each side of situation. This is a must read book. You'll be glad you did. Five Stars--Readers Favorite



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