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This collection is filled with memorable characters. Perhaps bizarre is a better description. Here are few you'll run across inside the book.

The Wyrd Sisters: Straight from their wonderful roles in Shakespeare's MacBeth, Agatha, Bertha and Carla branch out on their own. They want to save their pet monster and have some fun.

Burga: A warrior-cook, he's always ready for an adventure and a new recipe.

Lucy Borgia: On assignment for her boss Satan, she's back on earth (with her father Pope Alexander VI) and ready for some lovey-dovey action.

Maestro Allegro: The founder and conductor of the Urban Symphonic Marching Jazz Band has a problem with the funding for the band.

Zaftig: A slimy, squid-like alien, he's an impresario on the hunt for entertainment acts to include his new galactic-wide traveling show.

Brodwin: A wizard with a jealous, petty supervisor who assigns Brodwin dangerous quests, hoping he won't survive them.

Ida: an undead chick who lives in Manhattan while struggling to make a living (so to speak).

There's plenty more weirdos in the book, but this will give you a good idea what to expect.



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