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Laughter is good for your health. Read this book and you may live longer.

Unusual characters, settings both strange and familiar, and bizarre plots are a few of the things you'll experience and enjoy.

Aren't you tired of reading scifi and fantasy stories that take themselves too seriously? Well, you won't find any stories like that here. It doesn't take anything serious. Politics, Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, the military, aliens, the undead, they all get cut down a notch or two.

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Taste It

This collection can be purchased from eTreasures Publishing.

It's available in e-book and print editions and these versions are on sale now at the publisher's site!

Mobipocket also sells ebook versions that be read on PDA devices sells the print verison.

Check the book store page for book packages available at reduced prices.


What are readers saying?

Hank knows how to take the every day ordinary and twist it into a parallel universe of you-never-know-that-could-be sense of humor that keeps me hooked.

Tunnel Vision is a collection of Hank's short stories, which make it easy to pick up on an e-reader (I use my Black Berry) and read a story during any "wait time". But be careful where you read; you could find yourself laughing out loud.
My favorite of the bunch - Practical Experience. When I was younger I wanted to be an accountant. Anyone who works in the numbers crunching world will enjoy this story. Nanci Arvizu

Comic relief--inspired zaniness . . . If you're tired of science fiction and fantasy that take themselves too seriously, or just want a little relief from the horrors of the daily news, this collection will have you chuckling, snickering, and maybe laughing out loud. Jan Clark

Thinking of a little summertime reading, or perhaps you just want an escape during the rush hour commute while trapped on the train - this collection of Hank Quense's stories are for you. The tales read easily and will make you
laugh out loud at times. Tracy Byford

Here are some comments about a few of the stories in the collection:

Sponsored By: a satirical story of corporate sponsorship, war games and innovative ways to get rid of unwanted social groups. The thing that makes it special is the principled central character, and his idealistic thinking, right up to the ironic conclusion. from SciF UK

Saving the Shore: leads off in a J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings meets Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal cover story. Hank Quense weaves an amusing tale. The Fix

Zaftig the Magnificent: I would not hesitate to recommend “Zaftig The Magnificent” to all who enjoy lighthearted, fantastical fare. Donald Schneider: Literary reviews



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