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This collection of stories is fun from beginning to end-Mark Henderson

Tales from The Gunderland is one of those books that could easily become a cult phenomenon-Sherry Ficklin

Hank Quense is the master of humor, satire and hilarity-Fran Lewis

Laughter is contagious. Enjoy some by reading this book. It's filled with delightful entertainment. Without commercial interruption!

Gundarland: populated by humans, dwarfs, elves and other races, it presents the background for unique adventures, brilliant heroes and cunning villains.

JUST ANNOUNCED : Tales From Gundarland is a finalist in the annual 2011 EPIC competition

Readers Favorite awarded Tales From Gundarland their bronze medal in the scifi/fantasy category.

TALES FROM GUNDARLAND is available in a print edition from Createspace, an imprint of and in various ebook formats at Smashwords

You can also check the websites of your favorite online book store. Many of them carry both print and ebook versions. The print version ISBN is: 978-1-4528-7126-4. The electronic ISBN is: 978-1-4523-1945-2

Go here for the Amazon UK listing

Check the book store page for book packages available at reduced prices including a terrific packaged deal on this book and Zaftan Entrepreneurs!

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