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Fool's Gold Cast of Characters

Alberich: an exiled alien from the Nibelung system. A technical genius, he finds the Rhinegold and recognizes its magical powers. He uses it along with quantum electronics and computer code to build two artifacts. The Chip and the Helm give the user enormous power.

Fafner: A huge, frightening squid-like alien from the Zaftan 31B system. The slime that covers his body is toxic. He steals the artifacts from Alberich.

Wotan: the god worshipped by the Saxons and the Vikings. Wotan and all the other gods in Asgard will wither away and die unless he regains the Rhinegold. He recognizes the new power of the artifacts and plans to use them to make a big comeback. If he can, then, once again, millions of mortals will worship him. Wotan realizes he needs an old-fashioned hero, strong of arm and weak of mind in order to get the devices from the alien, Fafner.

Brunnhilde: As a Valkyrie, her mission is to pick up dead heros and bring them to Valhalla. On one mission, she is surprised to notice a dying warrior calls a woman's name in his death throes. She wonders if mortal love can be so powerful it can overcome fear of death. She decides to investigate this aspect of the mortals.

Siegmund the Unlucky. The first of Wotan's heros. In numerous combats, his sword always breaks on the initial thrust. He manages to survive the combats because he is the fastest runner in the Rhine basin.

Siegfried (Siggy): The son of Siegmund and another of Wotan's heros. Siggy, determined to be the greatest hero in the world, steals the devices from Fafner. After that, he rescues Brunnhilde who has been exiled to earth by Wotan for disobeying his command.

Assorted temple priests, another alien, more Valkyries, Loki, and a selection of devious, greedy mortals.


© 2008 Hank Quense