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Taste It

A Ring of Power? That is soooo yesterday. Now it's the Chip of Power. It's the newest thing around and it produces laughs.

Aliens, ancient gods, humor, beautiful Valkyries, heros, conniving nobles, betrayal, greed, incest, a magical gold horde; this story has something for everyone.

It's the only retelling of the ancient Rhinegold myth that is set in the future and is a humorous scifi tale.

"Another GREAT story by Hank Quense! The man is a tremendously fantastic story teller." Five of five stars: Nanci Arvizu

"I found Fool’s Gold to be an entertaining adventure." The Fix

"What delicious fun!" Jan Clark

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Listen to an interview with Nanci Arvizu.


You can get your own copy of Fool's Gold by following the links below.

eTreasures Publishing:

The book is available as an ebook download, a CD (with a .PDF file: it is not an audio file. The .PDF file can be read on a monitor screen.) and a print verison.

Mobipocket ebook

The book is available in format that be read on PDA devices

Amazon.com sells a print version

Want a signed copy of Fool's Gold?

Only $14.00 including postage. Send me an email with your mailing address and how you want the book signed. I'll send back an email with your payment options.

Purchasing a book from an new author is risky. There is a story of mine that you can download free in the Reading Room. Check it out and see if you like my style of writing




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