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This page contains an assortment of useless information that you really don't need to know.

Wagner's libretto: Wagner constructed the story behind the Ring Cycle from different parts of a number of legends and epic stories of Germanic and Norse origins. He probably invented a few other elements. In other words, the story is a complete mish-mash.

Lord of the Rings: J. R. Tolkien's epic story has a strange similarity to Wagner's operas. Both use an all-powerful ring as the central focus of the quest. Since Wagner's operas were performed years before Tolkien started to write, one wonders where Tolkien got his ideas from. Hmm.

Niebulung: A niebulung is a dwarf. Or maybe it's the name of a Burgundian tribe who settled around the city of Worms. Or maybe it's the name of horde of gold. Or maybe it's something entirely different. Researching this ancient term is fraught with confusion.

Zaftan 31B: is a dreary planet, weather-wise, that has produced dreary inhabitants. When in a good mood, they are merely hostile. If you attend a party and Zaftans are among the other invited guests (or if they simply crashed the event) avoid speaking to them at all costs.

Little-known-fact: Zaftan females have three wombs. You really don't want to meet a female who is experiencing a triple period.

The Ring Cycle of operas has cured more cases of insomnia than all the drugs on the market combined.



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